Wireless Network Overview



Printout Finishing Overview

Create professional printouts complete with saddle stitching, stapling or hole punching. Or save paper cost by printing that presentation in 8 slides per page, double-sided! Various finishing options are available at just a finishing capabilities include :


Finishing capabilities include:

  • Printing 2, 4, 8 or 16 pages on a single sheet
  • Double-sided printing, booklets
  • Universal print preview
  • Page deletion and insertion
  • Combine multiple print jobs into a single job
  • Save to pdf, tiff and jpeg formats
  • Watermarks, headers, footers
  • Superimpose of custom electronic letterhead
  • Scale web pages for print

These are very serious problems, how can OMS fix them?

OMS is an intelligent software that captures the output data or print streams from an LOB application. This data can then be rerouted, distributed or stored flexibly.&l

So, what are the core benefits of applying OMS?


1. Cost Savings and reduced administration

             There’s no need for expensive pre-printed forms anymore. The average cost of a 1-page (3-ply) pre-printed form is RM0.30 while the equivalent A4 sheets (3 pcs) cost a more RM0.06. Therefore, if your average printing volume is 10,000, your monthly saving is RM2,400! Using A4 paper instead of pre-printed forms also means minimal paper handling cost – only 1 type of paper for all business documents, no wastage, misuse, over stocking and tedious administration


2. Multiple Distribution Channels for increased productivity

            Before, the only output channel was the proprietary printer. Now with OMS, the data can be configured to be printed using various designated printers, according to document type. Electronic distribution is also possible allowing quick delivery of documents via fax, email, remote painting. Data can also the directed your document management system for organized archiving, easy retrieval and future reprinting.

3. Customised and Professional-looking documents

                    GUI designer tool in OMS allows for easy designing of form layout. You can change a document layout without a programmer’s help. Forms can be personalised with company logo, graphic and messages as you please. Using a laser printer also produces crisp and high-quality looking business documents.